Owner Peter Stanimirovic
For owner/operator Peter Stanimirovic, Crystal Audio Video Design represents the culmination of a lifetime of hands-on experience in a variety of mechanical and electrical specialty fields.

From his roots in Yugoslavia, where Stanimirovic experimented with with ham radios from an early age and graduated from Nikola Tesla Electronics School, to his four-year tenure with Canadian giants Bombardier Transportation as an Electrical Assembler and Test Technician working on AirTrains at John F. Kennedy International and San Francisco International Airports -- and more recently on Vancouver's Millennium Line addition to the city's ALRT system -- Stanimirovic has built up an impressive array of skills, all relevant to today's expanding Audio Visual technology market.

Whether it is assembling hydro-electric monitoring stations, testing rail car sub assemblies and components, diagnosing problems with electronic systems and recommending solutions, or setting up home theatre systems, Stanimirovic says the knowledge is transferable.

"The only way I could apply all this electrical and mechanical knowledge was to start my own company," he says, adding his work experience has also included postings as an electrician and sound engineer in Sherbrooke, Quebec, which now allows him to offer services in both French and English.

With Crystal Audio Video Design, which celebrated its one year anniversary in September 2006, Stanimirovic offers residential and business clients in the Greater Vancouver Regional District specialized and local, professional audio video installation and consulting services. He is officially designated at an electro mechanic in Canada and has an electrician's certificate from his time in Quebec.

To the customer that means Crystal Audio Video Design is the place to go when you want your new 50" plasma screen television mounted on the wall safely and securely, the company to call when you want all your wiring hidden and your components connected correctly, and the business to rely on when you need advice on selecting the best components for your home or office a/v system.

Crystal Audio Video Design further enhances its services with a mobile unit set up to safely deliver audio visual equipment, as well as custom manufacture and cut cables to the client's needs, and build wall mount brackets to each installation's custom specifications.

Now with a fully functional website, Crystal AVD even offers clients the opportunity to purchase all their audio video equipment directly through the company.

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