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Crystal Audio Video Design offers a wide range of professional audio video accessories for uniquely customized commercial and business needs. Here is a glance of products we have and use in meeting your Home Theatre / HDTV audio video needs.

All products featured in the sales section come highly recommended by Crystal Audio Video Design based on past experience. However, Crystal Audio Video Design can also source out any other specific brands you may be interested in purchasing. Free delivery is included with the purchase of audio video equipment. Crystal Audio Video Design reserves the right to change prices and products offered on this website. Specifications, availability, prices and terms of offer are subject to change without notice. All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars (CAN$) unless otherwise indicated.



  • "T" adapter, RCA jack to two RCA plugs, heavy gold plating with teflon insulator.
  • "T" adapter RCA jack to two RCA jacks, heavy gold plating with teflon insulator.






PRICE $11.00




  • Right angle RCA plug to two RCA jacks, heavy gold plating with teflon insulator.



PRICE $9.00


RCA to F Connector Adapters

  • Converting RCA connector cables to F-type connections, or F-type Connector cables to RCA



PRICE $9.00


BNC to RCA Adapters

  • RCA male Plug to BNC female jack video adapter
  • RCA female jack to BNC male plug video adapter



PRICE $7.50


S-Video to RCA Composite Video Adapters

  • S-Video male to RCA female adapter. Converts S-Video signals to composite video. bidirectional. Gold plated connectors and black chrome body.
  • S-Video female connector to female RCA composite video "bi-directional" adapter. Female connectors on both sides.



PRICE $15 - $60 (depends on model)


F to F Connector Couplers

  • F to F-type female to female adapter, gold plated



PRICE $6.00


RCA Couplers

  • Used to connect RCA connector audio/video cables together to get a longer length. RCA-type coupler. Connects 2 RCA plugs gold plated. Shielded

PRICE from $5.00



Splitter for Cable TV (CATV)

  • ULTRALINK PRO (2,3 and 4) Way Videophile® Ultra High-Performance 2 GHz Signal Splitter
  • Ultra low-loss, high-performance video signal splitter for TV & satellite
  • 5 MHz - 2 GHz bandwidth is digital ready for splitting DSS & TV signals


PRICE from $30.00


Splitter for Satellite Signal Distribution
Splitting the LNB signal before connecting to multiple multi-switches.

PET10-6101 All-Port Satellite HF Splitters (2,3 and 4 - way)

• High-performance satellite splitter
• Low insertion loss & high isolation
• Passband freq: 950 MHz-2150 MHz
• Insertion loss: 8 dB
• Return loss: 20 dB
• All-port power pass


PRICE from $10.00


RF Signal Amplifier

E LABS 6001 Prograde 1 GHz
Bi-Directional RF Amplifier

• Compatible with HDTV & cable modems
• 1 GHz bandwidth bi-directional amplifier
• 20 dB forward gain with 20 dB adjustable        attenuator
• High-pass filter: 54 MHz - 1 GHz reduces   cross modulation
• Low-pass filter: 5 MHz - 40 MHz in return path


PRICE $85.00


4x1 HDTV Switcher With Discrete IR Remote Control
DVI-HDCP Compliant

Connect your DVD, Set Top Box and more to your DVI-HDCP enabled High Definition Television, Projector or Plasma Display. HDCP Copy protected Inputs and outputs are not a problem!

4x1 HDTV Switcher with Discrete IR Remote Control

Routes Any One of Four HDTV Sources to One HDTV Screen

4 HDTV Sources + 1 HDTV Screen = High Definition Versatility and Performance.


PRICE $450.00


Audio and Video Distribution
over CAT5* Cable

Digital Audio Baluns and Balun Panels from ETS are best-of-breed products, used by clients like Sony and ILM to transmit AES/EBU digital audio over coaxial cable, converting from and to the native XLR connector/wiring scheme. Individual baluns are available, as are rack-mountable panels incorporating up to 8 channels.


PRICE from $180.00



  • Enables signal distribution from any HDTV or SDTV Component Video source to Component Video HDTV ready monitors.
  • KD-DA6, can drive 6 monitors.
  • Component Video and Left, Right; Digital PCM audio can be used instead of Left, Right.
  • RCA connectors for all video and audio inputs and outputs.
  • 120MHz bandwidth.

PRICE $730.00



1 x 9 Cascadeable HDTV Distribution Amplifier
Supports component video 480P, 720P, 1080I, Analog L+R, Digital audio inputs to 9 Component video, Analog L+R, Digital audio outputs. Active circuitry with 8 buffered outputs and 1 passive cascadeable video, audio outputs. Cascade up to 10 units, the overall cable length using high quality component video cable should not exceed 150 ft. A front panel ground loop switch circuit minimizes input signals from buffered output signals, this helps eliminate 60hz rolling bars when there is more than one ground connection path between two pieces of equipment.


PRICE $820.00