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Crystal Audio Video Design has a wealth of experience in installing a wide variety of home entertainment speaker systems.

Pricing varies according to the customer's desired look, what type of wall brackets they want, and if they want all the wiring concealed, either in the wall or on the wall, run through tubing. Please feel free to contact us to learn about all your options.

And for some speaker install examples, visit the Speakers Install Gallery.
For complete home theatre integration, please see our Complete Solution section.

Exposed Wiring
Running wire from speaker to component, exposed along exterior side of the wall. Wire is visible.
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Vertical Wall Concealed Wiring
Running single cable wire inside the wall from speaker to baseboard. Cable wire is NOT visible from speaker to the board. Then, from board to the component wire is exposed along the floor. Optional white tube concealment (1/4 inch) along the board to component if location permits.

Vertical and Horizontal Concealed Wiring

In addition to vertical concealment, running speaker wire BEHIND the baseboard to component, if location permits. Cable wire is NOT visible at all. This complicated process involves removing the baseboard, drilling holes and studs, running the wire behind the baseboard and placing the baseboard back. During the process, the wall and baseboard are exposed to higher risk of damage, possibly will require baseboard replacement and wall patch up with minor paint touch up.

Tube Concealed Wiring
Running plastic white (could be painted) tube from the speaker to the baseboard, and/or, along the baseboard to component.

Price and Elements per Speaker (2.1, 3.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1)  
  Speaker stand assembly (exposed wiring with optional concealment)   $50  
  Speaker wall mounting (dependant on size, price per speaker) large $35  
    standard $30  
    small $25  
  Speaker installation height      
  Standard height up to 8 feet   included  
  Above standard height (more than 8 feet) extra cost   $20/speaker  
  Speaker wire options (supplied speaker wires, price per foot) Quality Price  
  Wire gauge 18 high end $3.00  
    mid-range $2.50  
    standard $2.00  
  Wire gauge 16 high end $5.00  
    mid-range $3.00  
    standard $2.50  
  Wire gauge 14 high end $8.00  
    mid-range $6.00  
    standard $5.00  
  Speaker wiring options (price per speaker)      
  Exposed wiring   $15  
  Vertical wall concealed wiring   $55  
  Vertical and horizontal concealed wiring   $150  
  Tube concealed wiring (1/4 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch)   $8/ft of tube  
  Speaker wire connector (price per pair)      
  High End (golden) pin connector   $25  
  Standard pin connector   $10  
  Speaker wall mount brackets (supplied upon request)   Price  
  Bracket Type      
  Brand Name bracket (1 piece)   $45  
  No-name bracket (2 piece)   $45  

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  Wiring Tube Concealment Gallery

Crystal Audio Video Design will complete a standard size wall mounting
with both vertical and horizontal concealed wiring>

$150 per speaker