pre-wiring services

  Pre-wiring Services

For a complete and fully functional audio video solution planning ahead is essential and can provide the customer with measurable cost savings. With purchased pre-wiring services, Crystal Audio Video Design will make your home (office) video/entertainment dream come true. Pre-wiring service is a process involving planning, consultation, budget estimates and the actual pre-wiring of your home or office.

Pre-wiring services includes:

Conference room pre-wiring (price by estimate only)

ceiling projector, screen, media center, computer, satellite, sound effects and other elements that will impress your clients

Theatre room pre-wiring (price by estimate only)

ceiling projector, surround sound, screen, gaming, i-pod, computer, satellite, media center, karaoke and several different light effects for your entertainment home pleasure

Apartments / houses pre-construction phase (no walls or floors installed) pre-wiring
(price by estimate only)

all audio/video wiring for multiple rooms and various entertainment needs

* Wireless audio and video solutions are available. Please visit our Complete Solution section for more details.